From an embryonic beginning just over a decade ago, the modern Haselgrove Wines winery now has the capacity to process 3,000 tonnes of fruit annually, with a large portion of the crush carried out on a contract basis for winemakers, large and small. This operation is known as Haselgrove Custom Crush and is staffed by a team of professionals dedicated to producing and processing award-winning and innovative wines.

The operation covers the full range of crushing, winemaking, processing, storage, technical and support functions – from the vineyard to bottle-ready wines.

Very flexible, Haselgrove Custom Crush is capable of handling an individual contract from five to 500 tonnes of fruit or more.


The high quality Haselgrove laboratory facilities are available to all clients, including those who simply wish to test their own wines but do not have the facilities to do so.

The Haselgrove operation provides its clients with their own in-house laboratory facilities, tasting rooms and a comprehensive range of tests and analyses to ensure optimum wine quality throughout the process.

The Haselgrove laboratory provides: Grape maturity, sample preparation and analysis, complete wine testing and analysis, stability testing, fining trials, trade sample presentation and despatch. In short, we offer complete wine testing up until, but not including,

VI1 standard testing.

For further information, please contact the Haselgrove Laboratory, on (08) 8323 8706.