Regional and varietal expression is a term that can be heard on a regular basis at Haselgrove. We are dedicated to producing wines that are a tru reflecion of the terroir of the vineyard.

Haselgrove is surrounded by Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Mourvèdre, with some of the Shiraz and Cabernet vines dating back more than 60 years. Our single-vineyard ‘The Ambassador’ Shiraz is born from this block of old-vine, low-yielding Shiraz. Sitting on sandy alluvial soils, this wine displays a fragrant and aromatic bouquet and screams from whence it came.


In Addition to its own vineyard Haselgrove has strong and long standing relationships with partner growers situated in the Vale and Adelaide Hills. Importantly and deliberately these blocks are dispersed amongst the several and varying sub regions within each GI. This provides the wine making team a tapestry of style and flavour all contributing to the complexities of each and every final blend.