2017 ‘Limited Edition Catkin’ McLaren Vale Shiraz


The Catkin Story

The Catkin story revolves around the Hazel Tree. The Celts believed the trees that grew around them all held special powers. The Hazel Tree is arguably the quintessential Celtic Tree due to it’s legendary position at the heart or entrance of the Otherworld. This wine is named after the flower of the Hazel. Catkins are the cascading bunches of Hazel flowers seen in late winter signifying the origin of harvest with exploding colour and life.

The particular parcel of wine that has come to life as the Limited Edition Catkin, was a single small batch parcel that our wine making team thought too pretty to use as a blending option. On its own it highlighted McLaren Vale in a way we wanted expressed and showcased what was a fantastic 2017 vintage. A wonderful wine, with svelte structure and layers of complexity, it speaks from whence it came and showcases the exceptional quality to be expected from all Catkin vintages, past and present!

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