Qantas International – Haselgrove SWITCH GSM continuing the journey…

05 Jan Qantas International – Haselgrove SWITCH GSM continuing the journey…

On the back of the inaugural Haselgrove SWITCH GSM’s Trophies and Gold Medals throughout the world of wine shows and wine critics high 90+ points, Qantas Airlines has again increased its allocation of our small batch GSM to again serve to all of the Qantas Business/First Class passengers in both Lounges and Onboard to its global fleet. Stocks of the 2012 Switch were consumed within 6 weeks of placement, the 2013 release will feature across the network throughout the first half of 2015.

“Its all about drinking our product, thats why we work so hard from the vineyard to the bottle” said a spokesperson from Haselgrove winery. “So many visitors to Haselgrove have come from drinking our wines in the air, its a great captive audience and when the wine is highly sought after it makes everything so very rewarding.

Haselgrove Switch Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre (GSM) is available predominantly on Qantas along with selected Restaurants and Independant liquor stores.

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