Vintage Report 2012

01 Jun Vintage Report 2012

At the helm – Matt Copping, Winemaker

2012 Vintage Report

Vintage 2012 started on the 17th February with Shiraz from Seaview. Brilliant tannin structure, fruit depth and deep colour were observed in the first parcel of fruit picked and continued to be a trend for the entire 2012 vintage right through until the last crush of McLaren Vale fruit on the 14th March being Cabernet from Blewitt Springs.

Yields across the board were significantly down due to a number of factors combining during the growing season. To begin with bud fruitfulness was low, meaning the potential number of bunches that could be produced if all environmental factors were ideal was much less than a regular year. Cool conditions during flowering resulted in poor set conditions hence the resulting number of berries that actually set was significantly reduced. There was also a band of hail which damaged a select few vineyards by damaging inflorescences and the result either damaged them so much they no longer could produce a bunch or significantly reduced the number of berries that could be formed per bunch.

Discounting the hail storm and a couple of short heat spells, the conditions during the growing season have almost been ideal with generally mild and dry conditions. Combining with the lower cropping levels the favourable ripening conditions resulted in a very early and condensed vintage. Heavy rain that fell towards the end of harvesting had little effect as cool conditions during rainfall and strong winds afterwards resulted in vineyards drying out quickly enough to minimise disease and berry splitting pressure.

The tannin structure and colour profiles of the reds out of the 2012 vintage are outstanding with deep fruit flavour and brilliant length. It is a vintage to look out for once released as the wines from vintage 2012 are outstanding.

Thank you to all our Vintage staff that worked the long hours during the condensed vintage to make it such a smooth vintage.

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