Summer Sippers: Top 6 Wines to drink

Summer Sippers: Top 6 Wines to drink

As the sun-kissed days of summer approach, Haselgrove Wines unveils a collection that encapsulates the essence of the season. Get ready to elevate your summer gatherings in 2023 and 2024!

Each bottle promises to add a touch of finesse and flavour to your lazy BBQ's, beach picnics, and festive feasts. Let's dive into the top 6 wines that are poised to make your summer moments unforgettable.


2022 Alternative Series Fiano: The Pinnacle of Palate Pleasure

For those lazy summer days by the BBQ or toes dipped in the cool water at the beach, the 2022 Alternative Series Fiano is your perfect companion. This wine boasts generous flavours and a delightful texture, making it an ideal match for laid-back summer moments. Enjoy the full-bodied experience that this Fiano brings, adding a touch of luxury to your summer escapades.

2022 Alternative Series Pinot Grigio: Elegance in a Glass

Served chilled and ready to impress, the 2022 Alternative Series Pinot Grigio is a great addition to your summer soirees. Hailing from the Adelaide Hills, this wine offers unparalleled flavour generosity that complements any grazing plate or Christmas feast. Allow the crispness of this Pinot Grigio to enhance the flavours of your favorite foods, making it a must-have for your summer gatherings.

2022 Staff Chardonnay: Serious Indulgence for Summer Nights

Elevate your summer evenings with the 2022 Staff Chardonnay—a more serious drink meant for sharing with friends or impressing your guests. Loaded with rich fruit and nuanced oak, this Chardonnay is tailored for sophisticated conversations and Christmas dinners. Let this wine be the centerpiece of your gatherings, creating memorable moments with every sip.

2023 Alternative Series Barbera: Bright, Sassy, and Summer-Ready

Unleash the bright and sassy spirit of summer with the 2023 Alternative Series Barbera. This lighter red wine bursts with flavour, making it the perfect choice for summer BBQs that call for a red without the heavy oak. Serve it chilled to accentuate its freshness and let its vibrant character match the sunny vibes of the season!

2022 Alternative Series Montepulciano: Medium-Bodied Marvel

Challenge your senses with the 2022 Alternative Series Montepulciano—a great medium-bodied red with a name that impresses. Packed with blue fruits and subtle leafy notes, this wine is the ideal companion for baked ham or smoked beef around Christmas. Its lighter profile ensures a perfect balance, allowing you to savor the richness without overwhelming your palate.

2021 Vine Sean Grenache: Sweet Suppleness for Summer BBQs

For a sweet and supple alternative to Pinot, the 2021 Vine Sean Grenache steals the spotlight. Revel in the amazing character of Grenache, perfect for those summer BBQs that demand a fruit-sweet red with soft tannins. Let this wine showcase the versatility of Grenache, adding a touch of sweetness to your sunny celebrations.


So what are you waiting for... Dive into Summer with Haselgrove Wines!

Make this summer a symphony of flavours with the Alternative Series and Origin Series from Haselgrove Wines. Elevate your summer moments with these handpicked selections—order now and share your wine experiences using #HaselgroveSummer on social media.

Cheers to a season filled with laughter, sunshine, and the perfect glass of wine!


Milli Oosting / Wine club & Cellar door manager 


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