Discover Haselgrove's tribute to Celtic heritage through the Origin Series, where each wine embodies resilience, vitality, and ancient wisdom, creating an immersive experience in every sip.

Haselgrove Wines tribute to Celtic Heritage

In the heart of Haselgrove Wines lies a story that transcends time, weaving together the legacy of our founders and the mystique of Celtic heritage. As we uncork the tales behind our Origin Series, we pay homage to those who envisioned a wine collection steeped in tradition and reverence for nature's wisdom.

The name "Haselgrove" itself speaks volumes, encapsulating the essence of "from near a grove of hazel trees." It was the vision of our founders that brought this vision to life—a tribute to their deep-rooted connection with the land and its ancient lore.

Our Origin Series stands as a testament to this vision, with each wine bearing a name that echoes the Celtic principles cherished by our founders.

Let's delve into the captivating tales behind these wines that embody the essence of knowledge, honesty, purity, and creativity.

Protector - Cabernet Sauvignon

Protector Cabernet Sauvignon pays homage to the Celtic reverence for the Hazel tree's protective qualities. Just as the Celts believed wearing a Hazel badge could ward off evil, this wine shields its flavours with savoury tannins, symbolizing resilience and lasting depth. Crafted with meticulous care, Protector exudes a graceful balance and finesse, intertwining notes of dark fruits like blackcurrant, mulberry, and blueberry with subtle hints of dried herbs.

Catkin - Shiraz:

Named after the cascading bunches of Hazel flowers, Catkin Shiraz signifies the origin of harvest, bursting with vibrant colors and life. Just as the Hazel tree stands at the heart of Celtic lore, Catkin embodies the spirit of the Otherworld's entrance, enchanting with every sip.

Vine Sean - Grenache:

Vine Sean, meaning "old vine" in Celtic, McLaren Vale's ancient Grenache vines echo the wisdom of ancient Celtic beginnings. Vine Sean Grenache celebrates the earth's bounty and our deep connection to it, offering a wine that speaks of heritage and reverence for the land.

Staff - Chardonnay:

Like the guiding staff of Celtic lore, The Staff story harks back to Hazel wood's use in crafting robust staffs for the wise. Staff Chardonnay reflects this strength and versatility, with clean lines and a character that guides the palate along a path of elegance and depth.

Switch - GSM Blend:

As the Switch story unfolds, it reveals the Hazel tree's mystical significance. Twigs from Hazel trees were believed to provide protection and were used for divination. Switch GSM Blend embodies collaboration, blending Grenache, Shiraz, and Mourvèdre into a harmonious union that delights and surprises.

With each wine in our Origin Series, you're not just tasting exquisite flavours; you're immersing yourself in the timeless tales of Celtic lore and the enduring spirit of the Hazel tree.

Raise a glass to origins that inspire greatness and celebrate the heritage that defines Haselgrove Wines' winemaking philosophy.

Cheers to the magic of tradition and the artistry of the vine!


Milli Oosting - Cellar Door & Legends Club Manager



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